date: 26-11-2014 10:19:58

World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index® 2014

In the lasted WJP Rule of Law Index® 2014, Esq. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong of Phuoc & Partners is honourably mentioned in the list of contributing experts for the accomplishment of the annual report, which was implemented by The World Justice Project® (WJP) – an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law around the world. The rule of law provides the foundation for communities to access opportunities and equity – communities that offer sustainable economic development, accountability in governance and respect for fundamental rights.

The organization works to engage citizens and leaders across the globe and from all work disciplines to advance the rule of law, stimulate government reforms, develop practical programs at the community level and increasing public awareness about the fundamental importance of the rule of law.

The mission of the World Justice Project is to lead a global, multi-disciplinary effort to strengthen the rule of law for the development of communities to access opportunities and equity. The rule of law helps people and communities thrive. Effective rule of law helps reduce corruption, improve public health, enhances education, lift people from poverty and protect them from injustices and dangers large and small. The World Justice Project is one of the world’s foremost resources on the importance of the rule of law

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