date: 22-11-2014 11:26:21

Midyear Event 2012 of VNHR Club

Vietnam Human Resources Club is an online forum for people working in the course of Human Resources practice in Vietnam. Established since 30 Jan 2001, the Club now has nearly 600 members working in this practice as well as being interested in from many part of our country. VNHR Club’s operation is not only via the online forum but also through many live activities, such as discussions, seminars, and other activities which concentrating in developing a strong organization for Human Resources Managers/Directors in Vietnam.

The Midyear event, an annual event of VNHR Club held in the middle of July, is an occasion for all members of the Club to gather, share, exchange working experience; strengthen the solidarity of the Club as well.

This year Midyear day is also the celebration on the occasion of the Club to be directly under the Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors. This event marks a new step of the Club on its firm development path.

At this Midyear day, there is also a Seminar with the topic: Update on the Labour Law & Union Law, with the presentation of two lawyers from Phuoc & Partners: Lawyer Nguyen Huu Phuoc – Founding Partner and Lawyer Phan Ngoc Tam – Doctor & Professor of The HCMC University of Law. Our two lawyers will bring to the seminar the latest update on the two law codes which are very close & familiar to Human Resources practice and answer all the question arisen. This Midyear day will be taken place at Palace Hotel, 56-66 Nguyen Hue Street, Dist. 1 on Saturday, 28 July 2012.

For more information about Lawyer Phuoc, please click here.