Maritime & Shipping
  • 21-11-2014 11:45:39

    Phuoc & Partners provides a comprehensive service to the maritime and shipping industry. We have head office in Ho Chi Minh City and 02 branch offices in Hanoi City and Da Nang City. The advantages of having a presence in the three main cities along the coast line of Vietnam allow us to respond to a client’s instruction in a most timely fashion. With over 10 years of experience, P&P lawyers have represented ship owners, P&I clubs, shipyards, shipping line operators, exporters, importers, insurance companies and freight forwarders  in resolving numerous disputes relating to such matters as trivial and as substantial as ship collision, missing cargo and environmental pollution.

    Not only having extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation, our maritime team has also advised clients on non-adversarial matters such as the purchase and sales of ships, ship registration, ship building, arrest and release of ships and other issues in connection with the navigation and operation of ships in Vietnamese water. Our lawyers are qualified and are fluent in the national language (Vietnamese) and English. Dinh Quang Thuan (Mr) heads our Maritime & Shipping practice and has been consistently recommended by several recognized international bodies including local correspondents of reputable P&I clubs.

    Phuoc & Partners renders the following services to its clients:

    • Assisting clients in resolving maritime disputes effectively;
    • Representing clients during courts and arbitration proceedings;
    • Assisting clients in applying for arrest of ships and release of arrested ships ;
    • Advising clients on matters in connection with ship registration, ship mortgage, ship building, charter parties and general averages;
    • Assisting clients in understanding the constantly changing international shipping regulations.

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    If you would like further information on how our firm can assist in addressing your maritime & shipping issues, please either email our Partners at: or call to our office at: +84 (8) 3744 9977.