date: 20-11-2014 08:55:12

Frequently Asked Questions Handbook

Are you wondering which law firm to choose to resolve your legal issue? Don’t you know how is the working process of a law firm? Is the law firm that you chose a good firm or not? …

These are a few of many questions may come to you when you first ask for advice relating to your legal issue or your company’s issues from a law firm. By understanding this concern, Phuoc & Partners law firm has published “Frequently Asked Questions Handbook” in April 2013.

This is a collection of 45 frequently asked questions that we have compiled over the years of practice, and we do believe that this is the most essential information for you – clients who use consulting service of our law firm at the first time.

We hope this booklet would give you an overview of how Phuoc & Partners work, which will help you decide easier in selecting and entrusting your legal issues to our law firm.

To download the handbook, please click on the DOWNLOAD below: