date: 20-11-2014 08:55:31

Doing business in Viet Nam Handbook

The Vietnamese economy is constantly changing with the Vietnamese market expanding more and more due to the improvementsin legislation and policy systems. This means that opportunities for investing and doing business in Vietnam are now opento international investors. So, do you want to invest in Vietnam?

As a professional law firm which has extensive experience in the fields of legal advice and client support, we always wish to cooperate with the foreign investors in all the activities of investment and business in Vietnam. With those efforts, we compiled the book “Handbook – to do business in Vietnam” to introduce and provide foreign investors with the most necessary information on the legal system and investment environment of Vietnam. We hope this book assist foreign investors in grasping opportunities for themselves in the Vietnamese market.

Please note that this book focuses mainly on key legal issues and important legal fields but also the specific provisions of those legal fields, not to mention the whole legal system of Vietnam. The details relating to a particular legal field shall be consulted and advised directly by our lawyers upon the request of clients or investors.

To download the handbook, please click on the DOWNLOAD below: